8 Rev Debra Young

​​ 22 Rev Rosie Oberlies

​Seance Oct 30 spooky good fun wear a costume bring food and meet the spirits 5:30 pm for food seance promptly at 7:30

​Speakers for September

discover your spirituality

​29 Rev Debra Desmarais

​new phone # for church   619-356-8051

First Christian Spiritualist Church

​15 Claudia Leonesio

​​​    1 Rev Gwen Stone

We greet you mind to mind and heart to heart

September 15 Spaghetti fundraiser right after church serving til 2:30 pm with homemade sauce 

raffle prizes maybe a silent auction

Spiritual Development class with Rev Gwen    Sunday 1:30 to 3:30 pm  September 1 15 29



for appointments readings and consultations